12 Home remedies for gout pain

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Gout is a lifestyle condition that has several links to lifestyle practices. Without a healthy lifestyle and home remedies, no specific treatments effectively cure this condition.

According to the Centers for disease control and prevention (CDC), every 1 in 4 American adults suffers some arthritis. In Germany, the statistics stand at 1-2% of adults suffer from gout. (1,2)

What is gout?

Gout is a joint metabolic disorder causing inflammation due to the accumulation of uric acid crystals.

It causes various episodes of swelling and severe pain; the episodes come periodically and are more frequent in chronic cases. (3,4)

Other scientific sources pose that gout affects the pressure on the joints due to monosodium urate monohydrate crystals. It’s a complex type of arthritis with a sudden swelling and intense pain. (5)

What is the quickest way to get rid of gout?

1.Epsom salt


A 2018 review and meta-analysis study found that increased body magnesium reduces the risk of hyperuricemia. Therefore, Epsom salt can be a good home remedy for gout due to its rich magnesium content.

You may add a pinch of Epsom salt to your drinking water to increase the absorption rate into the bloodstream.

A peer-reviewed study suggests that soaking the affected body part in Epsom salt may increase serum magnesium levels.

However, this kind of treatment needs further research.


Drinking water can help reduce gout flares and episodes. A 2021 study found drinking tap water was associated with a low risk of osteoarthritis in Chinese adults.

Another 2012 study found that water intake increases the intake of hydroxyl radical scavengers and can effectively reduce oxidative stress in joints of gout patients.

Furthermore, water intake will flush uric acid from your system through the kidneys. Lower the concentration of uric acid in your system to prevent gout attacks. (6)

Moreover, drinking water improves kidney function and decreases the risk of gout flare-ups.

3.Cold compress

Applying an Ice pack to the painful joint may reduce the severe pains. In a medical study done in 2002, the application of a cold compress was very useful for acute gouty arthritis.

A 2004 research shows that cold compress (application of ice on sore joints) is among nonpharmacologic therapies.

The topical cold application will help reduce swelling and offer gout pain relief.


Ginger is effective for treating pain. Studies show that ginger extract significantly reduces knee pain in osteoarthritis patients.

A 2010 review study found that consuming raw or ginger tea results in moderate muscle and joint pains.

Another 2014 study supports the topical application of ginger poultice on gout joints to relieve pain and soreness.

5.Take dietary magnesium supplements

Magnesium reduces the amount of uric acid in the body. When the amount of uric acid is low in the system, there are minimal chances of developing gout.

A 2015 study poses that magnesium compounds in the system increase uric acid excretion rate, reducing the risk of gout.

6.Manage stress


Serum uric acid is higher in patients with obesity, metabolic syndrome, and chronic stress. (7)

A 2011 medical research found that gout triggers include minor physical trauma, temperatures, and biomechanical stress.

It’s advisable, therefore, to work on proper stress reduction techniques to reduce episodes and the development of gout symptoms.

7.Regular exercise

Exercise is not good when you have gout flare-up, but it’s a preventive natural remedy.

However, a 2020 clinical trial found that moderate physical exercise may produce anti-inflammatory effects that reduce gout pain and swelling.

Another 2021 publication by the national institute of health suggests that moderate exercise can reduce serum uric acid lowering the severity of gout and future episodes.

8.Avoid alcohol intake

A 2013 study concluded that alcohol consumption increases the risk of recurrent gout attacks.

Other peer-reviewed studies show that alcohol consumption increases uric acid levels in the system and may cause gout flare-ups. (8)

9.Celery seed extract

A 2019 medical study found that celery seed extract may have anti-inflammatory property that prevent gout attack.

Its an ideal home remedy for gouty and hyperuremic patients.

Another 2015 study affirms that celery seed extract has the same effects as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen, naproxen sodium, and aspirin. Therefore, celery can help in treating gout pain.

10.Apple cider vinegar

There is no scientific evidence that apple cider vinegar is among the natural remedies for gout.

However, some other Healthline websites say apple cider vinegar has anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce gout pain.

11.Eliminate refined sugars from your diet

A 2019 study shows a close link between refined sugar and hyperuricemia and gout.

Another review study in 2011 affirms a connection between added sugar and increased serum uric acid.

A 2020 research found that sugar increases chronic inflammation and may lead to excess uric acid in the system.

Refined sugars are therefore not recommended for gouty patients because it can increase serum uric acid level in the body.

12.Reduce intake of flesh diets

A 2014 study concludes that acute purine intake may increase recurrent gout attacks fivefold.

You should avoid foods that contain substances called purines like organ meats, shellfish, red meat, liver, and high fructose corn syrup.

These foods may also increase your risk of high blood pressure and other chronic lifestyle diseases like heart disease, cancer, etc.

What helps gout overnight?

Of all the gout home remedies, these are a few methods you may use to alleviate pain and reduce swelling at night.

Elevate the joint

There is no scientific evidence supporting joint elevation to provide gout relief. However, several anecdotal statements from medical professionals suggest that you can ease gout symptoms by elevating a painful joint.

Hot foot bath

Hydrotherapy is among the oldest natural remedies for several conditions that are not infectious diseases.

In a 2014 clinical study, hydrotherapy proved effective in reducing joint pains and improving the body’s immune system.

What is the best thing to drink if you have gout?

Lemon juice


A 2019 study found that lemon juice can reduce uric acid in your system. Although this study was done in rats, further studies are needed to examine the effectiveness of lemon juice for gout pain relief.

Other studies indicate that lemon juice can also help supply sufficient potassium citrate that helps with kidney stones.

Hibiscus tea

Research in 2018 shows that hibiscus tea helps with uric acid execration and clearance. It’s one of the home remedies for gout that helps with kidney disease.

Another 2012 peer-reviewed study shows that hibiscus tea has several health benefits. Besides reducing uric acid levels in the system, it helps with urinary stones, hypertension, and other conditions.

Tart cherry juice

A 2019 study found a correlation between intake of cherry juice and a decrease in serum uric acid levels in gout patients.

Furthermore, gout patients who took cherry juice regularly had fewer gout attacks than their counterparts. The cherry extract can reduce inflammation and lower uric acid levels in your system.

Another 2019 qualitative research shows that up to a quarter of gout patients use cherry juice to relieve gout pain.

Apple juice

Malic acid makes apples vital in reducing uric acid levels in the body. Reducing uric acid levels in the system makes it easier to avoid gout attacks and reduce inflammation.

Other fruits which contain malic acid include blueberries, pears, grapes, apricots, etc. Therefore these fruit juices should form part of your natural gout remedies for gout treatment at home.

Lifestyle changes that can reduce uric acid levels in the body

Lifestyle changes are vital as an alternative medicine to prevent gout attacks.

A gout attack is associated with diet, activities, and way of life. Here are some lifestyle changes that may help you manage or prevent a gout attack.

Monitor your diet

There are certain foods that you should not eat, like red meat and other flesh foods.

You may consider a plant-based diet to help you reduce inflammation incidences in the body. Gout-reducing diets exclude flesh and several fast foods that are highly seasoned.

Avoid alcohol intake

To lower gout risk, take away from your diet alcoholic beverages and increase your intake of fruit juices with high vitamin c content.

Reduce weight

Obesity is closely linked to a gout attack. Consider natural ways of controlling your weight to avoid gout.

Foods that help treat gout

For good results with home remedies for gout, you should consider your diet.

Dietary supplements are recommended when you can’t get all the required foods from your health food stores.

Fruits and vegetables


These foods are high in antioxidants and can reduce inflammation in the system, reducing the risk of gout.

Fruits and vegetables also contain vitamin c, which helps with both lifestyle and infectious diseases.

Cereals, legumes, and nuts

These foods form an ideal substitute for meats which has purine. They contain healthy fats and proteins that are ideal for your general health.

Furthermore, these foods are readily available in every health food store around you.

What are the main causes of gout?


Diuretic drugs are significantly correlated to increased serum uric acid and may cause gout. (9)

To avoid a medication-induced gout attack, consider other ways of treating kidney problems that may not have severe side effects.

Medical conditions

Diseases like high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, and kidney diseases are associated with increased serum uric acid.(10,11)


A sedimentary lifestyle is prone to several lifestyle diseases. Gout symptoms are prone in individuals with chronic lifestyle diseases due to a lack of physical activities.

An individual’s diet may also increase uric acid in the body and cause gout. What you eat or drink may be the cause of your gout problem.

Several disease-causing factors in humans depend on your lifestyle.


A 2012 study found that serum uric acid is linked to a particular genome in four analysis cohorts.

It’s difficult to control genetic disorders, but you may keep them in check using positive lifestyle practices.

What foods cause gout flare-ups?

  • Red meat
  • Carbonated drinks
  • High fructose corn syrup

When to see a doctor for gout pain

These home remedies for gout should not take the place of professional medical advice. But, they can help you relieve gout pain as you seek further medical assistance.

You may see your doctor to treat gout under these conditions.

  • Severe pain even after applying gout home remedies
  • Swelling
  • Redness and heat
  • Increased frequency of attacks


These home remedies for gout are backed with scientific research and can help you reduce pain and get gout relief.

It would be best if you try them before you seek other methods to treat gout.

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