Home remedies for tooth abscess

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Tooth/dental abscess is the inflammation due to a collection of pus in the gum or tooth cavity.(1)

Pain in abscessed teeth are often tingling but usually of a different type when compared to normal teeth aches. (2)

In cases with abscess, pain is persistent or throbbing.

What should you do when you have periodontal abscess? Here are home remedies that may help you get rid of the abscess and relieve temporary symptoms without drugs.

Essential oils

Essential oils have been used to treat various medical conditions since ancient times. These oils are produced from plants through distillation or cold press.

In past centuries, steam distillation was the most widely used technique to extract oils from plants but the use of cold press improves its quality.

Apply a few drops of this essential oil to your affected tooth. Examples of these oils are oregano essential oil, clove oil, and sesame oil.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel has antibacterial properties and may relieve pain in the infected teeth. It may be helpful in the treatment or prevention of gum infections. A 2014 study found that aloe Vera can reduce the inflammation due to abscess.

Aloe Vera gel hydrates the teeth and reduce the risk of infection from bacteria. Apply aloe vera gel on an infected tooth or infected gum to relieve pain instantly and help fight infections more effectively. (3)

Cold compress

Cold compresses may be helpful to treat swollen faces from tooth infections by reducing the swelling and the pain.(4)

Instead of a traditional cold pack, it’s possible to wrap it in an ice bath with a cloth or a towel then hold it on the affected area. It will help to sooth the pain and reduce the swelling.(5)

Abscess often cause pain and inflammation. For swelling, you may need to place cold compresses over the face. However, be sure to avoid keeping your cold compress for longer than 10 minutes in one sitting.

Use barrier materials like napkins to prevent damage to your skin. Cold compress remedy works best with bleeding gums and extreme sensitivity.

Herbal teas


By 2017 the dentistry field of medicine started to explore the benefits of herbal treatments for tooth aliments. The use of herbal tea to cure several ailments is an ancient practice in the field of medicine. (6)

You can create your own tea with leaves and various flowers and then steep these in warm water for tea.

When the tooth is sensitive to temperature because of the infection, brew the tea and leave it to cool then drink while gurgling each sip.

Saltwater rinse

Saltwater rinse removes bacterial growth that irritate the mouth. It will remove some wastes, toxins around the tooth, and bad breath.

It’s possible to use table salt and hot tap water in a basic salt water rinse. Just add around 2 tea spoons of salt to warm water and stir.

Rinse your mouth for at least two minutes, rub the solution into your mouth and spit it out. It will help with bleeding gums and relieve swollen lymph nodes.

Peppermint tea bags

Take peppermint tea in small doses to reduce toothache and tooth discomfort by removing excess fluid from the mouth. Peppermint tea contains eugenol which relieves pain and pain-causing effects. (7)

Use the tea bags to relieve abscesses on teeth; keep a wet tea bag close to the gum. Several reports suggest that warming the tea bags before use can be more effective.

This remedy is good for both gum and tooth abscesses.


garlic, ingredient, flavoring-3419544.jpg

The best home remedy for abscessed teeth is clove. You might dislike the odor from garlic when treating tooth aches, but its worth it. It contains a compound known as allicin which may help relieve the pain of tooth infection or prevent infection. (8,9)

It is best for patients whose gum infection does are recurrent. By licking garlic powder or chewing on an infected teeth.

Hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can serve a wide variety of household or first aid purposes and is most famous for reducing infection of wounds and being effective at mouth washing.

A 2016 study found that hydrogen peroxide is an effective mouth wash detergent that may reduce dental infections.(10)

This basic first aid item is one of the easiest ways to treat a contaminated tooth. To make a Hydrogen Peroxide mouthwash, use 1% hydrogen peroxide for one minute. (11)

Baking soda


Baking soda has antibacterial properties. It can help remove plaque from the mouth and relieve swelling.(12)

If you have abscess on the tooth or gum you can mix baking soda with warm tap water then apply the mixture directly on the affected teeth. If there is an infection on a tooth use baking soda rinse for five minutes.

Wedge Pillow

Tooth abscess pain may be worse by lying down or lowering your mouth. Sleeping with wedge pillows can ease your headache and help you sleep more easily.

The elevation relieves the pressure on the infected tooth. This practice is suitable for dental dissection and positional pain.

Coconut oil pulling for tooth abscess

A 2016 study found that if oil pulling is done frequently and with caution, it can treat over 30 diseases.

According to most dentists, oil pulling may help maintain dental hygiene and suggests daily practice.

Coconut essential oil has some effective anti-bacterial properties. Therefore, oil pulling using coconut oil may reduce abscess symptoms.(13)


The acupuncture technique can relieve the gums and abscessed tooth pain. Clinical research shows that acupuncture treatments can effectively treat some tooth ailments. (14)

Good for mouth sprains or tooth abscesses. Though there are limited scientific evidence on the effectiveness of this treatment on tooth abscess you may give it a try.(15)

Over-the-counter painkillers

thermometer, medications, tablets-1539191.jpg

It may take as much time for tooth infection as possible with prescription medications. For tooth pain relief, the OTC antibiotics may be effective but in the long run they doesn’t offer sufficient solution.

Don’t forget antibiotics are bacterial materials to help your body fight bacteria and may have side effects at a later time. They will render you temporal relief but after having several prescription your body will develop resistance.

Its advisable you go for alternative medicine for tooth abscess which will offer long term results not temporary relief.

Symptoms of tooth infection

Symptoms of tooth infection are tooth pain. Sharp or intense bruising in the teeth can signal a definite infection.

The common symptoms of tooth infection include severe persistent toothache that may spread into the mouth bone, neck or ears and is sensitive in hot and cold environments.

At times you may experience positional pain in a tooth.

Tell me the cause of tooth infection?

The most common cause is tooth rot. Normally, your tongue can have bacterial infection, but most bacteria can only be absorbed by your teeth. The bacteria that cause decay can get inside the teeth and cause teeth infection as they can penetrate them.

Brushing regularly keeps teeth firmly in place and helps reduce decay and infection. It is possible that an infection occurs at several locations. Periodontal abscess may occur on particular tooth or attach multiple teeth and surrounding tissues.

How do you treat an abscess at home?

There are several home remedies for tooth abscess. These include oregano oil, olive oil, sesame oil, baking soda rinse, oil pulling, clove oil, saltwater rinse, hydrogen peroxide, peppermint tea among others.

Scientific evidence show that these remedies have powerful antibacterial properties that will help with dental issues, oral hygiene, and general oral health.

When you are using essential oil treatments for tooth abscess, add a few drops of carrier oil like coconut or olive oil.

Home remedies for tooth abscess will also help with other mouth ailments giving you healthy gums and removing bad breath. When doing treatment through oil pulling make sure you do it on an empty stomach.

Dietary changes are also key for at home remedies for tooth abscess. Many green leafy vegetables have anti inflammatory properties that will help improve your immune system.

Visit a health food store nearby and buy foods like berries, nuts rich in omega-3 and fruits packed with vitamins that will fight bacteria and improve your immunity.

How do you dissolve an abscess naturally?


There are natural remedies that you can use at home to dissolve abscess. Tooth abscess is particularly hard to handle without seeing a dentist unlike gum abscess which is easier to treat at home.

For infected tooth you can use home remedies like essential oils, mixed with carrier oils. You can use clove oil, oregano essential oil mixed with olive oil.

You can also use concoction of garlic onion drinks for they have antibacterial properties and will help improve compromised immune system. Other home remedies include saltwater rinse, oil pulling and use of ice cubes to to help with pain relief.

Using fenugreek tea bags on the abscessed tooth can help dissolve dental abscess. Fenugreek tea has mild antibacterial properties that will help kill the bacteria and aids general dental care. Use ground fenugreek when making this tea and use cotton ball to apply it on the infected area.

What kills an abscess?

Generally antibiotics alone doesn’t help with abscess. You will need to literally remove the pus from the affected area. There are time when the draining occurs by itself but in most cases it is drawn. You can see a doctor for incision or drainage using hot compress to remove the pus.

But you must not spend on abscess to be cured you may receive help from your loved ones back at home. Through gentle press on the boil all the content will be removed then you may use salt water rinse to enhance wound healing and temporary relief.

What can I put on an abscess to draw it out?

Abscess is caused by bacterial infection therefore any product with antibacterial properties can be used to draw it out. Wherever the abscess may be in the body, you can use activated charcoal poultice mixed with honey. Charcoal is an absorber and honey is sugary and has antibacterial properties.

Make honey and activated charcoal poultice and applying it on the infected area. The sugar in honey will draw the bacteria and the charcoal will kill them. When using this natural remedies make sure you tie it on the affected area for at least six hour or over night and remove in the morning.

You may also use cabbage poultice on the affected area. Cabbage has anti inflammatory properties that helps in healing wounds. You can grate the cabbage leaves then using a clean cotton cloth you tie it around the infected area and if its abscessed tooth you can fold it in a small cotton swab then hold it on the tooth for repeated multiple times.

When should I see a dentist?

Dental infections occur when bacteria are introduced by cavities or cracks in a tooth. Infection of the mouth can spread into your gums and into your jaw. If tooth infections remain untreated, it can be painful and cause repeated infection in the future.

The best way to prevent tooth infections is to go to the dentist if you have an infection. The dentist may take an X-ray and test the extent of damage. It could even be necessary to take antibiotics.

Dental abscesses must be treated in an emergency medical condition. The most common reason for hospitalization is tooth abscess. When you are suffering from severe teeth pain, consult your dentist immediately.

Abscesses can result either from tooth decay or from tooth loss unless you are able to get a tooth extracted with an implant. If a dental abscess occurs, your oral surgeon is able to incisively remove the abscess.

How a dentist will treat a tooth infection?

After determining that you’re suffering from an infection, dentists can diagnose infection to eliminate abscesses and assess damages. Often antibiotic drugs can also be prescribed.

Whenever an abscess happens in the dental tissue it will be cleaned and removed. This usually helps ease discomfort from aching teeth.

Your dental practitioner will also check your teeth to make sure your tooth has all it needs to protect it from decay.

Take away

Untreated abscess may damage even the surrounding teeth and mouth tissues. The remedies explained in this article contain sufficient information that you need to deal with abscessed tooth at home.

However, if the symptoms persist then you need to see your doctor immediately and make dental appointment.

With abscess you don’t necessarily need dental insurance as you can easily handle this condition using natural and home remedies listed here.

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