Home remedies for herpes simplex virus

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Herpes infection is caused by herpes simplex virus (HSV). Herpes can cause both types of herpes infection. The sore becomes a blister, which can get painful and itchy after healing. (1,2,3)

The first herpes outbreak is generally more severe and often involves swollen lymph nodes and pained muscles.

The second outbreak generally occurs once per year, although it is generally smaller in frequency with time. (4)

The hepatitis A virus is not treated. The virus is still dwindling within the body after an outbreak.

Although there are few conventional treatments to cure herpes simplex virus completely, and some take 4 years to bring solution, there are remedies for herpes. (5)

The infection is usually found in the mouth, genital and anal areas. Herpes simplex viruses has been identified in a few countries as a type. SSV 1 or SV-2 are linked to the genital herpes . However, HSV-1 can only be associated with oral herpes.

How to treat herpes at home?

Here is a list of products that we consider to be valuable to the reader. Even with a lack of a cure, it’s possible to use natural remedies for pain or discomfort. Herpes can cause skin rashes and sores.

Is there a home treatment for herpes?

Although it’s not available at-home for treating herpes, there are natural remedies which can help relieve the symptoms associated with herpes simplex virus infection including hot compresses and topical treatment.

A change in diet can even be helpful in preventing a further outbreak. Many believe that hey must eek for prescription medications forgetting that there are natural treatments. (6)

You probably may think that both natural and home remedies only serves to relieve symptoms or prevent outbreaks bit this is not trues.

Several foods and plants at home have antiviral properties that can serve the purpose of herpes medications.

Orange and red vegetables

Orange and green vegetables are rich in vitamins (vitamin c) and nutrients and help to improve health and well-being. It is also packed with antioxidant compounds often cited as essential for wound healing.

For these reasons orange or green vegetable such as carrots, pumpkins and peppers are usually on list of most effective ways to prevent a herpes infection from occurring. The vitamin c in oranges also improve the immune system am hastens the healing process.

However, orange and red vegetables can provide good nutrients but are not proven effective for herpes.

Topical treatments

Some oils and extracts can be considered effective in helping with the onset of herpetic syphilis symptoms. Several essential oils can help with dry skin and relieve herpes symptoms.

Generally, these substances should be mixed with carrier oil like coconut oil to be used before applying. If skipped it could cause skin irritation and potentially cause severe dermatitis.

Aloe Vera


Aloe vera also appears in the list for natural Herpes treatments. Unlike other alternative medicines, aloe vera actually has some medicinal benefits, making it a great treatment for herpes sufferers.

Although aloe vera may be helpful for treating herpes skin sores and other skin conditions, it should also be separate from myths. It seems to have anti inflammatory properties because of its relatively low amounts of auxins and gibberellins.

Baking soda


Some natural health sites recommend applying baking soda directly onto the herpes outbreak that forms when herpes outbreaks occur. This homemade remedy has the aim of drying out herpes sores, eliminating the fluid that causes blistering in herpes, and speeds up the healing process.

In fact, preventing bacteria in areas contaminated with herpes sores can help reduce inflammation and prevent infection.

Essential oils

Hundreds are recommending using herbal remedies to treat herpes in patients. The oil contains traces of a number of herbs and spices. Similarly, some sites say that essential oils can prevent cancer.

Generally recommended oils include tea leaf oil, myrrh oil, or clove oil which all boast antibacterial properties making them ideal for skin problems like herpes rashes. Essential oil bottles are formulated with droplets and can be used topically with herpes lesions and cold sores.


L-lysin-supplements -for herpes jpg

LYSINE is an essential fatty acid used in the diet as dietary supplements. Often used in athletes to improve their muscle strength and bone health, it provides many health benefits. This amino acid is commonly recommended as a natural replacement for herpes antivirals like Valacyclovir.

The drug reduces the severity of recurrent infections by decreasing herpes infections. It also noted people with L-lysine had significantly shorter heal times.

Since this amino acid can be found in fools like soybeans, spirulina, and fenugreek seeds why not incorporate these foods in your diet

Boosting Your Immune System

Another method that can help to reduce herpes outbreak symptoms is by strengthening the immune system. Having strong immune systems means you’re body is at a better state to detect viruses and fight them .Here are several strategies that you may use to improve your body immunity.

  • Maintaining a healthy diet
  • Abstinence from animal products and acidic foods.

Things that can help regulate herpes virus outbreaks

Herpes virus primarily spread through physical contact. If you will avoid any contact with infected individuals then its easier to control herpes outbreak. here are some of the ways in which you may avoid contracting herpes virus.

Avoid all careless sexual behavior

sexual intimacy when unmarried or outside marriage. Keep off from vaginal sex, oral sex, kissing among others.

Reduce your body counts to reduce the risk of genital herpes

According to scientific evidence there is an increase of herpes active outbreak proportional to increase in body counts.

Do not share lip balms

Many contract oral herpes simplex virus type 1 through using lip balm of their associates who have the infection.

Eat healthy foods

Getting sufficient nutrients in the right amount on daily basis will help you inhibit herpes outbreaks. Taking dietary supplement can also help inhibit viral infections by improving immune system.

Protect your sensitive skin from adverse weather conditions

Severe sunny, or cold weather may affect your skin and increase the risk of developing cold sores. You can use sunscreen or apply topical cream on your skin to avoid unnecessary exposure to herpes sores.

Manage your stress

Stress affects the immune system and is the cause of several diseases. Stress also reduces the ability to recover from wounds and sores. Through proper management of stress you will be in a good position to manage herpes symptoms.

Why do I keep getting herpes outbreaks?

According to medical research, the first time someone is experiencing herpes symptoms might not be the time of contraction. In women, most recurrent herpes triggers are emotional stress, other underlying illnesses, fatigue and sun rays. Menstrual periods may at times trigger herpes outbreak.

Can you control a herpes outbreak?

Honestly there is no cure for herpes in the conventional medicine world. If you doctor is honest he/she will tell you the truth about genital herpes treatment. There are only medications which will help cool the symptoms but no ultimate cure.

But there is good news proper care for your body, you can use natural home remedies and cure herpes at home.

How do you stop a herpes outbreak in tracks?

  • You may talk to your doctor over antiviral medication. the physician may also help you know common antiviral herbs for your herpes.
  • Understand your triggers so that you can avoid some and combat other with antiviral medications.
  • Recognize symptoms early and respond effectively.
  • Use essential oils for lubrication during sexual intercourse.
  • Talk to your healthcare practitioner before using any antiviral medications or remedies.

Common natural remedies for herpes?

These are other treatment options that will aid you in treating herpes simplex virus and other symptoms. they include:

You can use natural essential oils like, jojoba oil and tea tree oil. Apply directly on the affected area using a wet cotton ball. When using essential oil, make sure you mix it with carrier oil like coconut or olive oil.

Herbs can help greatly with herpes and sore even for mouth sores. you may use pomegranate rind extract, lemon balm extract, and other foods like garlic, cloves and onions which has antiviral properties.

They will hinder viral replication thereby controlling further outbreaks. Rhubarb root a famous Chinese herb is scientifically proven to cure herpes labialis.

In other instances applying goat milk on the affected are may help aid relief. You can also apply petroleum jelly like Vaseline especially on a cold sore.

You can also apply cold compress using ice pack on the affected area to reduce discomfort and soreness.

Making baking soda paste and apply on the affected areas.

How do I get rid of herpes symptoms naturally?

In 2016 Joe Boland said that herpes has been a common sexual transmitted disease for decades, and has made countless people wonder if it can be removed naturally.

During infections, sporadic blister formation occurs within the immune system that causes an inflammatory reaction.

Herpes colds can last from 10 to 14 days a single day and can cause irritation. Many people have questions about herpes’s and want a natural treatment for the disease. Good news you can get natural treatment options for herpes virus.

What heals herpes faster?

Antibiotics provide safe, effective ways to control herpes outbreaks. Aciplovir, vacidiclovir, and amiclovir are antiviral medicines that inhibit herpes replication. There are several natural antibiotics which can help as well.(7, 8)

Other treatment options

If you have herpes, it’s possible that you’ll get a drug for the infection. Many take the medication when a disease occurs because it helps symptoms get worse sooner. Some people take a daily anti-bacterial drug to fight herpes infections to stop them.

It’s best to talk about this with an expert medical doctor. If your condition is severe, please consult your physician immediately after the infection.

What triggers herpes outbreaks?

The cause of herpes can be illnesses, stress, sunlight or fatigue. During this period menstrual cycles can lead to outbreak. What are the most common reasons people get infections? It is common for herpes patients to experience symptoms in the first days before they develop a serious condition.(9)

Take away

The most common herpes are genital herpes. and since its mostly sexually transmitted through lifestyle changes and proper body care you can easily avoid getting this infection.

But if you already have this condition you may use these home and natural remedial treatments in this article to help you recover.

All the products at home like petroleum jelly, foods and herbs can be used as well.

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