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What are the 6 aspects of wellbeing?

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Wellbeing is the entire experience of prosperity, health, and happiness. Anything short of this is unhealthy. Therefore, the whole well-being of an individual entails all seven dimensions of wellness.(1)

Wellness is a full integration of social, intellectual, financial, environmental, physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. These seven dimensions all depend on your habits and practices.(2,3)

The reverse is the same developing one aspect of your life; you will inevitably build your entire well-being. But unfortunately, many are ignorant of their holistic health and live in misery, regrets, and woe.

Here are some aspects of well-being and how you can attain them to improve your quality of life.

1.Physical health for the entire well-being

Physical health is the most commonly noticed aspect of health. Most health issues that are easily detected are those in the physical body. It would be best to have a strict wellness physical dimension and dietetics for overall physical stability and flexibility.(4)

Physical health revolves around your body. For a healthier body, you need to put the following healthy behaviors into strict consideration:-

Maintain healthy body weight

First, reduce the level of lousy fat consumption. Then, if possible, do away with fat-containing food substances. Just for your information, your body synthesizes enough fats. So you only need oils that you can get in peanuts, sunflower, and other nuts.(5)

Stimulating activities like physical exercises will also help you maintain your ideal body weight. To maintain a healthy weight entails a full integration of diet and regular physical activity.

Slight cardio-vascular strengthening activities

For physical wellbeing, make sure you engage yourself at least twice a week in remote exercises that involve all your major muscles.

You lose much waste through the skin, and your blood circulation will be invigorated. Physical wellness is also an ideal way of identifying any health issues in the body that you might not have known.

Change your wardrobe to comfortable and fitting clothes and shoes

It may be strange to you that your clothes can determine your health. Your clothes should not be too tight on the skin as they hinder your system’s normal flow of blood.

They expose your vital body extremities to harmful weather conditions like extreme cold and heat. Weighty shoes are not recommended for health as they strain the limb muscles. Simple, comfortable footwear will guarantee you healthy limbs and evade the possibility of backache. Too baggy clothes are unhealthy.

Proper nutrition for physical wellbeing

All your body machinery requires comes from proper nutrition. For physical wellbeing, you must have nutritious foods. Make sure you take a heavy breakfast and a light supper regularly.(6)

Avoid colas and other carbonated drinks. Make sure you don’t eat anything between your meals. Drink sufficient water every day based on your body weight and daily activities.

Nutritious foods should involve Seeds, whole grains, nuts, fruits, and vegetables. Eat wholesome, nutritious foods, not junk and fast foods that affect your health with several chemicals.(7)

Avoid lifting weighty objects

At times, you look at the bodybuilders and admire their bodies, thinking they are ideal for health. But that’s not the case. There are a lot of side effects because of unnatural modification of the body muscles.

So anything unnatural that you induce either by hormone or any method will inevitably affect your health. You can obtain physical wellness through simple daily routines like jogging and a 30-minute morning run.

Bodybuilding has long-term adverse effects on your health. The drugs and abnormal muscle modifications will later affect your health.(8,9)

2. Mental Health

Most of the disorders that affect your health depend on your mental health state. If you have a stable mind, your entire body will be healthy.(10)

Mental instability will never cease in your everyday life, but you must adopt suitable coping mechanisms to deal with stressors to maintain wellbeing.

According to the World health organization 2015 data report, mental health is an integral part of the general wellbeing of an individual.

5 steps to mental wellbeing

Social interactions

Every human being is social by nature. No one can exist as an island and evade mental issues that are on the rampage worldwide. Seek the meaning of social interaction on your social wellbeing and entire wellness.(11,12)

Several studies have shown that people with satisfying relations often live longer, happier lives than those that are single. Social attachments can influence health.

Gardening to boost mental wellbeing

Gardening is among the stimulating activities that improve the quality of life. Studies show that gardening can reduce cortisol levels in the blood and thus may help reduce stress.

One clinical study further affirms that patients feel more relaxed and calm after spending some time in the garden.(13,14)

Deep breathing for mental wellbeing

Escaping mental health issues like stress and depression are becoming more complex. Honestly, stress is harder to avoid.

But according to a study by the American Institute of stress, sufficient supply of oxygen to the brain stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system promoting a state of serenity and improving a person’s life satisfaction.


Through reading, you will be able to attain intellectual wellness. By reading an elevating book, you can overcome stress and improve your reasoning ability. Reading the Bible will help you have hope and the reasons for life.

Although casual reading may not benefit you, if you engage in a critical study of spiritual things, you will connect your mind with the infinite and will be able to down look upon these little stressors in the world.

You will always be in a lifelong learning activity in your entire life now and eternity.


Exercise can alleviate signs like social withdrawal and low self esteem. It also enhances mental health by reducing depression, anxiety, and cognitive function. (14)

Sufficient evidence shows that physical exercise can treat clinical depression and enhance mood states improving life satisfaction. (15)

Physical activity

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When you are physically active, you will have good blood flow in all body parts. Therefore, when there is a good flow of blood in your system, you will be able to attain excellent mental health, which emanates from ideal and constructive thoughts.

Physical activity will also make you forget some of your disappointments and pain that will cause you stress and depression.

Have a giving heart

As you give to others, you become relieved by their words of appreciation. Always whatever you do to others often rebounds back to you. If you actively alleviate the pain of others, you will realize the burden of your pain is gone.

Be a learner

You need to add new skills or knowledge every day for emotional well-being. By increasing knowledge and skill, you will have contentment, which is crucial for your positive mental health. Therefore, engage your mind in learning new things daily.

Be mindful of your situation

Often, you overthink and become ignorant of your present state. As a result, you become mentally disabled by overthinking. By understanding and accepting your situation, you will rid yourself of lots of pressure and stress, which might cause you many diseases. Anxiety and stress always begin with ignorance of your state of life.

3. Spiritual wellbeing

Spirituality is the most important of all the health aspects of an individual. All other aspects meet at spiritual wellbeing. Money can buy treatments but not cure.

The best way to have holistic health is to have a strong faith in the divine. God is the master healer. Having a strong faith will help you avoid daily perplexities that cause you stress and anxiety.

There are many who, at heart, lack peace and comfort. You won’t wish to be among them. All you need is to have a strong connection with God.

Furthermore, diseases are the results of sin. When you are at peace with God, all the good comes your way. And in times of difficulty, you have comfort by your side. The first and most integral part of health is spiritual wellbeing

4. Financial wellbeing

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Finance is one of the most overlooked seven dimensions of wellness. Because you may think it doesn’t affect the quality of your life, but it’s not so.

Everything you do depends on your financial muscles. All other aspects of well-being depend on your financial capabilities.

A feast is made for laughter, and wine maketh merry: but money answereth all things (Ecc 10:19).

You can only meet the purposes of your life if you have finances. Good living conditions rely wholly on your finances. Everyone who doesn’t have a source of income is a burden, even to himself.

Financial wellbeing will help you have an extent of peace of mind. There are various components of health that, when you don’t have sufficient cash flow, you can’t attain. So all the plans are ideal when there is money to bring them to effect.

 How you can get a financial breakthrough:-

Clear all your outstanding debts. The genesis of financial stability is to get out of debt. Achieve this by:-

  • Cutting down on your expenses
  • Selling items you don’t need
  • Getting yourself several other sources of income
  • Avoid luxury
  • Live within your limits
  • Don’t accumulate more debts. You can practice self-denial and proper planning.
  • Always go for the opportunity cost when you want to buy anything
  • Let all your budgets on behalf of your total earnings or less. Then, increase your savings and reduce expenses.
  • Increase your income through hard work
  • Guard well all that you already own in terms of finances.

5. Social wellbeing

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Social wellness is a critical part of your overall quality of life. Furthermore, social wellness refers to your interactions within the community and how you relate with others.

Beyond physical illness, wellbeing involves healthy relationships and associations. Friends and families are closely related to you by blood or friendship. You receive a great healing balm by building close relationships socially that nothing else can give.

Why are solid social bonds vital for health:

  • You will have people to support you when you are weak.
  • You have ears that may listen to your problems and helping hands for your rescue.
  • Sharing beneficial tips and ideas that will help you.
  • Peace of mind that you can never have while in solitude.

There are some aspects of social wellness that you must consider in your relationship. Building a good relationship will entail the following:

It must be free from selfishness

True love seeks the benefit of others. When all aims lie on, what will I get? Then, it’s inevitable the relationship is unhealthy.

It’s the law of nature that as you give, you receive more. Unless you are ready to provide for the benefit of others, you can’t experience healthy social life.

Good social life will demand from you good understanding and patience

Few are patient with the wrongs of others. Are you ready to forgive? Do you understand the faults of others? If you don’t, then restructure your mind to develop these attributes.

You must be able to give what you expect to receive

What’s your driving force towards social attachment? That which you want others to do unto you, do the same to them. If you expect emotional support, companionship, and care, be ready to give the same.

Good social relations anchor on the fear of God

Without God, every kind of attachment is wholly in Satan’s. God is love, and if you don’t know God, you can’t know what love is.

Every relationship void of God’s fear is a mere infatuation based on lust and self-indulgence. It is the fear of God that will restrain the unhallowed evils of the carnal heart.

A healthy relationship must be free from any taint of sin

Every thinking man and woman knows that all misery came from sin. Whenever sin is, sickness, wretchedness, and death abide. The Bible makes it clear; that the wages of sin is death.

If you practice sin in your relationship, it will lead to regrets, depression, and disease. Keep all evil from thy tents, and then good shall come. You will never know peace if you practice sin and disregard righteousness.

When you have a good relationship with your spouse, friends, family, or your married partner, you will attain a healthy state in all the aspects of your living machinery.

It needs time and attention

Spend time with your loved ones, and don’t be too busy with your family or friends.

6. Environmental wellbeing

Several diseases emerge due to the state of our environment. The critical aspect of environmental wellbeing is to protect the physical environment from pollution to the best of your ability.

Enjoy nature and protect the environment, limit pollution and over-exploitation of resources and maintain a suitable lifestyle to preserve environmental wellbeing.

Your daily habits may be conserving or destroying the environment. Ensure you have a positive attitude to your surrounding.

What to do to improve wellbeing?

Among the seven dimensions of wellness, your own sense of wellness depends much on your understanding of wellbeing.

If you overlook your quality of life and ability to get what you want, you may be worse than you thought. But here are some of the simple ways to improve your well-being.

Have sufficient sleep

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Adequate sleep is suitable for your well-being. A 2018 study found that quality sleep results in lower psychological well-being problems.

A 2020 peer-reviewed research found less happiness in people with insomnia who fail to get adequate sleep at night.

A good night’s sleep is ideal for weight management and excellent cognitive activities.

Manage stress for wellbeing

Stress causes an unstable state of mood, and cognitive responses, which affect your mental health.

A 2016 review study links stress to several disorders that affect health and wellness. It further declared that chronic stress affects several mental and physical health conditions.

Another 2020 medical study poses that optimism results in more significant cardiac activity to cognitive stressors.

Develop courage and good self esteem to face the challenges of life. Find healthy ways to deal with stress and depression for your entire wellbeing.

Proper balanced diet

A 2010 review suggests that healthy foods include unsaturated fats, good proteins, whole grains, fruits, and vegetables.

In 2020 National Institute of Health suggested that healthy foods free from saturated and unhealthy fats reduce the incidences of non-communicable diseases.

Healthy eating habits will also help you ease weight management and body fat control, improving your quality of life.

Get sufficient sunlight

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It would be best not to overlook daily habits such as exposure to sunlight, pure air, and clean water, among other natural remedies. It would be best if you get daily sunlight exposure for good health.

Quit smoking and alcohol consumption

Your daily life is affected by what you eat and drink. You need to quit alcohol consumption if you meet all the seven dimensions of well-being.

Quit alcohol abuse to help you preserve close relationships with your loved ones and other aspects of wellbeing that alcohol abuse affects.

Alcohol intake will always keep you in an unstable state of mind making it hard to have good social connectedness

Learn new things

Your lifelong learning activities start now and will proceed through ceaseless ages of eternity if you make it to the city of God. Learning is one of the healthy ways of gaining knowledge and developing intellectual wellness.

Develop and engage in new hobbies

Seek meaning for your life and what you want to become, then develop fruitful hobbies that will help you meet ideal wellness.

Connect with people

 A problem shared is half solved. Healthy relationships will help you overcome stress and get encouragement when you feel emotionally low. Also, thinking right is ideal for health. An unstable mind which thinks about evil invites evil.

It will be easier to have elevated thoughts with good friends and companions.

Take Away

The 6 aspects of well-being outlined in this article will help you restructure your lifestyle and give you the ultimate well-being. One thing you must understand is that your choices affect your health.

Your willpower has a part to play in well-being. Make determined efforts to stem the current unhealthy practices that creep into the streets. Follow the outlined aspects diligently and conform your daily routines to them.

Personal satisfaction is the best driving force in attaining well-being. The higher your goal is, the more determined you will be to achieve it.

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