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What are the 8 natural remedies?

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Did you know that natural remedies are ever at your disposal? Perhaps you have a glimpse, but not entirely confident. Let me make a surprising statement to you that conventional drugs don’t heal. 

 You think that without drugs and medication from the conventional platform, you’re doomed. But this is not true. Let me give you the other side of the story about diseases. It will help you get absolute well-being and save money for your vital expenditures.

Maybe you aren’t aware that medical drugs are for business. Think about it. If you had a one-time client, will your business grow? Your answer is NO. You will strive to have return customers. That’s what they do too, and this is not a conspiracy theory. 

They would like to have you back. So what do drugs do to your system? They will take care of the effects, but the cause will remain. Increasing the chances of getting sick later Take a situation like when you have injuries. You get painkillers over the counter to take away the pain, right? Was it a healing process? You think about it.

Here is where the natural remedies will be of help to you. The best way to get rid of disease from the system is to help the immune system by using natural remedies to fight from cause to effect. Find here 8 natural ways of dealing with diseases.

1: Proper Nutrition

Description-of-alkalizing-foods -in-one- combination-good-natural-remedies.jpg
Good nutrition is the best natural remedy

Eating a proper diet will help the body with the required nutrients and energy for normal body functioning. It will help you reduce the risk of chronic diseases1. With a proper diet, you will experience optimal growth and longevity.

Following an ideal diet, one will be safe from obesity, and sufficient nutrients in the body will help from chances of osteoporosis. Make sure your daily meals have the entire major and the minor food components. Avoid refined sugar and carbonated drinks to. Increase your intake of fruits for the vital vitamin C.

You may opt for an absolute vegan diet. Many greens boost the immune system, which will help your body fight a lot of diseases. Animal-based diets cause the current killer lifestyle diseases that are rampant today.

If you get food energy from animals, you’re just going vegan second-hand. Why can’t you pick it directly from plant materials?

Proper nutrition is not all about the right food components. It also involves other factors like:-

Frequency of food intake

You should have sufficient time between meals, at least 3 hours is ideal. Eating too frequently will injure your mechanism. Make sure you give time for digestion, assimilation, and absorption of food. According to a study in 2019 its advisable to take 2 meals a day at most three with a very light sapper.


Your body only needs a percentage of every food component. Much of particular food will turn into waste. Do not underfeed as well. Ensure you use whole grains which have required amount of dietary fiber.

Always take a reasonable amount of food at a time. Some factors will determine your intake amount according to national library of medicine2, include Activity, age, and health condition are among the factors determining the quantity of food to eat at set times.


The time for meals should be regular. Take your meals always at set times. It will help you curb the possibility of developing stomach ulcers. Medically reviewed studies show that regularity in meals reduce the risk and frequency of becoming ill.3

Quality of the food

One of the best ways to improve health is by eating right kind of foods moderately. Proper nutrition will help your body’s acid-alkaline balance stay at equilibrium and will reduce your body acidity. Your diet should include all the food components and vital vitamins like A,D,E,K and vitamin C.

Reduce your intake of dairy products. they have high cholesterol which causes chronic illnesses. Dairy products are also associated with cases of constipation.

2: Regular Exercise

Physical-exercise-cheapest-of-all-natural remedies--4333580.jpg
Exercise is the readily available natural remedy

Exercise helps you to obtain ideal physical health. It has several benefits for almost every health condition. Of all the natural remedies, its readily available but requires utmost discipline. Below are some of the health benefits of exercise that you may consider for ideal health and recovery from sickness.

What are the benefits of exercise as a natural remedy?

  • Increases blood circulation throughout the body- Circulation enhances the flow of nutrients to body tissues
  • Reduces the risk of contracting heart disease and other chronic health conditions.
  • Improves moods and reduce heart rate
  • Help in burning excess cholesterol and calories, thus reducing the risk of obesity and high blood pressure.
  • Sweating during exercise help in the excretion of toxic substances from the body

The most reliable and accessible exercise is walking. You can walk for 30-45 minutes daily. In addition, you may consider brisk walking as it helps more than just a usual walk. you must not do strenuous activities or vigorous aerobics to keep healthy.

In the exercise routine, start slowly, then escalate the pace and intensity. When you labor, then you need little or no exercise at all.

What is the best time for exercise?

It would be best if you do the right thing at the right time. You can exercise at all times, but there are ideal times for it. Several peer reviewed studies poise that morning hours are ideal for work outs4.

What are the benefits of doing exercise in the morning?

  • The stomach is empty, so you can’t get stomach discomfort.
  • You will jumpstart your day by burning calories that were accumulated during sleep.
  • Doing exercise in the morning will keep you alert throughout the day.
  • The body is ready to work out because the body temperature is at its highest.
  • It will invigorate the body to be active in the activities of the day.
  • It will increase your appetite for the most important meal of the day (breakfast).
  • There are fewer distractions in the morning. You will have quality time to finish your routine without interruptions.

Why you should avoid exercise late in the evening on at night before bed

  • Exhaustion from the duties of the day
  • Mind is unsettled because of the activities undone and failures during the day
  • It will exhaust you, thus robbing yourself of quality sleep.
  • It will make you eat a lot in the evening with is unhealthy
  • You will wake up inactive, tired and lazy.
  • You won’t have a good appetite for breakfast.
  • Your family needs you too after an all-day absence

What are other factors to consider when doing exercise?

  • Activities or occupations of the day. If you work in the garden, there is no need for exercise.
  • Availability of time
  • Your diet. Make sure you eat right and of good nutritional value.
  • Health condition of the body
  • You may consider advices from your health professional on the best exercise you can safely do.

3: Clean Water

water, cup, water bottle-natural-remedies-image-4998513.jpg

Research shows that more than 60% of the human body is water5. Therefore, drinking sufficient water is one doctor that will help you get a perfect health. For ideal body pH and thermoregulation within the body, you need enough water. 

Water helps reduce the chances of contracting chronic diseases. It also helps in tissue protection and joint fluids for efficient movement. In addition, a sufficient amount of water in the system improves the moods of an individual.

Drinking lots of Water also helps in flushing the body and protects from the possibility of developing kidney problems. A 2015 study found that passing up to 2.5 L of urine daily reduce the incidence of developing kidney stones.

You should also use Water on the body. Regular bathing helps you rid yourself of dead cells on the skin. These dead skin cells can form points of attachment for disease-causing pathogens.

Wrong practices in drinking water

Drinking cold water

You always need cold Water, right? Because you think it will quench your thirst. As you drink cold Water, you feel good and the thirst seems to go away, but as soon as you finish, you need more.

This is because your body cannot absorb cold Water. It must stay in the stomach for some time to be warmed until 35º-37º C to be absorbed into the system. The best Water to drink is warm Water, for easy absorption.

Waiting to feel thirsty

By the time the brain sends signals that the body needs water, you are already dehydrated. You should sip your water throughout the day between your meals. Most people wait until they feel thirsty then they seek for water.

Drinking water with your food

To aid your optimum digestion, avoid drinking water as you eat. You may think it fashionable to do so but don’t. Your enzymes are juices. When you drink water, you dilute them.

Enzymes also work within a narrow range of temperature therefore cold water will affect their activity. The best practice is to drink Water 1 hour before mealtime and 2-3 hours after the meal.

4: Sunlight

The ultimate source of vitamin D

The morning sun’s rays help the body synthesize vitamin D.6 This vitamin is key to calcium and phosphate regulation in the body. These nutrients keep muscles, bones, and teeth healthy. Insufficiency of these nutrients in the body results in rickets and osteomalacia in kids and adults, respectively.

The sun’s energy on the body also helps hinder the growth of fungus on the skin. A study done in Harvard school of public health poise that vitamin D aids sufficient blood circulation through vasodilation of the veins and the body arteries.7 It lowers blood pressure and body cholesterol.

5: Temperance the keynote of natural remedies

Temperance means the ability to have absolute self-control in what you do. It means to do away with everything that can hurt you and use judiciously the good ones.8 Do away with smoking, alcohol, and overeating. Another danger that you may be ignorant of is the habit of eating between meals.

True temperance will help you control the amount and frequency of your meals. Too much of anything is dangerous. When you practice true temperance, you will give your stomach sufficient rest. This rest will help your digestion and reduce the chances of bloating and acidity in your body.

Another thing you should know about temperance is the ability to control your passions. There are a lot of diseases that you may escape if you practice true temperance and self control.

6: Fresh Air

You can survive without food for days or even months, but it’s not so with air. Suffocation, whether direct or indirect because of polluted air, is a quick killer. Every breath needs a new inhalation from the atmosphere. Ensure that you’re in open air or a house with all the windows open most of your time.

Your system needs oxygen to help in respiration and brain functions. Therefore, you must have a sufficient supply of fresh air for optimum muscle function in your body.

Benefits of fresh

  • Enables efficient functioning of the body cells, nerves, and tissues
  • Relieves stress and aids muscle relaxation
  • Clears the mind and lungs

A 2011 study, poise that impure air causes allergic reactions and chronic infections. 

Your room must have ventilation. During the day, keep all the windows open for free air circulation. Avoid dump and crowded rooms. Maintain the cleanliness of your environment. Keep the vegetation around your compound to help in air purification.  Maintain daily morning and evening breathing exercises.

7: Adequate Rest

resting on a bench-natural-remedy-rest- jpg
Resting is a cure to many diseases unknown to men

Even a machine cannot work 24/7. The idea of 24/7 work is man’s invention to escape the laws of nature to their injury. Naturally, humans were created in a Circoseptan rhythm9 which runs for six days and then seventh is rest.

Men are naturally in a rhythm of six and one, making seven. We call this human inbuilt biological seven. In resting, there is a mystery that none can understand. Do you understand how the body regenerates during sleep? Honestly, you don’t, and so do I.

From labor and daily activities, the body needs time for recovery. During the night hours, the body needs 7- 8 hours of sleep to enable entire rest. It boosts brain functionality and memory. A good health promoter and helps in stress reduction.

8:Trust in Divine

worship-trust-in-divine-the-best-natural-remedy. jpg
God is the ultimate healer

There is a natural void in every human that only God can fill. Unfortunately, many seek substitutes to fill this void at the expense of true happiness and health.

Find Christ the teacher, healer, and a friend that sticks closer than a brother for health and peace. There is hope that brightens every sad situation in life. When you have the hope of a better tomorrow, you can’t have stress. Stress causes many diseases.

The Bible says, “God heals all our diseases” Psalm 103:3. There is peace of mind for every believer in God. Trusting God helps us to overcome stressors that weaken the immune system to make us liable for disease. 

Word from Gilead on natural remedies

Prevention is better than cure. So the best way to deal with the disease is to avoid its intrusion into the body. Your only safeguard is to keep yourself in the best condition you can. Uphold lifestyle factors that will keep you healthy.

Then, let God do the rest. Just in case you become sick, don’t be quick to go to over-the-counter tablets.

Take your time and ask yourself the laws of nature you have violated. From this step, then make appropriate retribution and I will advise you to go for natural remedies.

These 8 natural remedies will keep you from getting sick. They form the best preventive bedrock for every individual. It’s better to prevent a disease than to contact it then seek medication.


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