15 Health Improving Habits That Are Life Changing

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Human wants are unlimited. Therefore, you always want a better state of life. Your health is not exceptional in this endeavor. There are health improving habits that involve a complete change of your former practices and way of living.

Funnily enough, you may end up confusing good health practices with your usual tastes and desires, thereby experiencing minor changes. In attaining better health, you must exercise some self-denial, self-control, and self-sacrifice.

Do you still want to adjust and get a better version of you? And live longer as well?

Find here 15 health improving practices that will aid you in your quest for a better, healthier life.

1. Early to bed, early to rise.

It seems common knowledge to you, right? But have you practiced it? In the quest for money and material possessions, men sacrifice sleep for making money.

The command lifestyle of going to bed is late, and waking up is inevitably late.

Having sufficient sleep of 7 hours every single night has a lot of health benefits these include:-

– Maintaining a healthy weight

– You will seldom get sick when having sufficient sleep-Reduces the risk of chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes-It improves your mood and reduces stress

-Improves mental capabilities and increases alertness and concentration

-Individuals who get good sleep are characterized by eating fewer calories

-Good sleepers tend to have strong immunity

Ideally, two hours of sleep before midnight benefits your health more than four hours after. The best time to have a quality sleep is to retire to bed latest 9:30.

When you wake up, the quality and period of your sleep determines your strength and vigor for your that day’s activity. When you sleep earlier, it’s easy to wake up early and feel invigorated.

All your plans throughout the day are closely linked to the way and time you wake up. Give it a try and prove that it will be the beginning of your healthy journey.

2. Start your day with at least 2 glasses of warm water as soon as you wake up.

You have been told that you should jump into the washroom and brush your teeth when you wake up, right? And you have maintained this practice because you feel fresh in the mouth and your breath until it has become a habit. Nevertheless, I’m afraid you might be mistaken in away.

Here is the thing. Every time you wake up in the morning, a slimy mucus-like substance is in your mouth. It has a funny taste, but it has essential nutritional content for you. Studies prove that it contains vitamin B12, essential for your body.

Therefore, it’s advisable to take 2 glasses of warm water so that you may drain them down your gut. The hot water also helps burn excess tummy fats and activates your GIT. Furthermore, it keeps you hydrated from the kickoff of your day.

Other benefits of warm water on an empty stomach include:

-It relieves nasal congestion

-May help in relieving some state of congestion

-Warm water in the morning helps reduce shivering during cold mornings

-Warm drinking water also has the same effects on body circulation as a warm bath. It also helps in the relaxation of muscles

-It may also relieve achalasia (having trouble moving food through the gullet into your stomach)

-Warm water will help you detoxify your body as it has a fluxing effect

-Mood and the function of the central nervous system is improved by taking warm water in the morning.

3. Proceed with a fruit. And after an hour or so, have your breakfast, quite heavy and healthy. Never skip your breakfasts.

The meal that you shouldn’t miss is breakfast. Your body needs that kickoff energy to get you going throughout the day. Make sure it has all the required major and minor food components.

Benefits of taking breakfast include:

-It reduces the risk of heart disease

-You break your night FASTING

-It helps kick-start your metabolism and aids you in burning calories

-Taking breakfast will help you control snacking throughout the day

– It helps reduce the incidence of overweight.

4. Stop overeating. Eat a little less than what is required.

Many are ignorant that the quantity of food doesn’t matter its quality. You only need a portion of food to meet your energy requirements all through the day. Eating a lot drains your system and results in sound waste. Eating moderately is healthy for your body as well as for your mind.

5. Hydrate yourself throughout the day.

Girl drinking water sitting on a couch at home and looking at camera

Drinking water throughout the day is one healthy practice you should uphold for a lifetime. Generally, your body is highly made of water. The cells, blood components, and body tissues are to a more significant percentage made of water.

Keeping your body hydrated will strengthen your immunity; will help you flush out many toxic substances from your system.

6. Eat at least 2 meals. The weight of your last meal should be the least compared to your morning meals.

With a heavy breakfast and light supper, you will attain quality health. The prevalent chronic diseases based on diet are also caused by the heavy late suppers every day in our world today. Two meals are I deal maybe you can include a glass of fresh fruit juice in the middle or late in the evening.

7. Meditate every .day, even for a couple of minutes. It’s good for your mental fitness. It keeps you peaceful and more focused.

I won’t encourage yoga practices. But, meditation and self-examination are essential if you attain quality health. Many people will not explicitly tell you the cause of their illness. Not because they are wholly ignorant but because they fail to examine their practices and indulgences in the light of cause to affect the law of nature.

Through meditation and making peace with yourself, you will be better able to have a pure conscience and avoid any incidences of environmental pressure that can cause stress and depression.

8. Move as much as possible.

Use and disuse is a law of nature. If you fail to use your limbs, they will cease to work and grow weaker. Walking 30 minutes a day or 5 km distance will help you maintain strength, reduce aging, and improve your circulation for better health.

Walking is better for health than indoor gym workouts. It’s free and helps reduce overdoing of the work to unnatural body shapes that will affect you in the latter days of your life.

9. Maintain a positive attitude throughout the day.

Did you know a lot of diseases start from the mind? Yes, there are infectious diseases caused by pathogenic materials and organisms. Although, negative attitudes towards once self worsen the majority of these diseases. You often get stress and depression because you are always sorry for yourself and have all day long pity upon yourself.

Drop this habit and be cheerful, holding on to the hope that God will take care of all your problems, and if he allows you to go through them, they will make you stronger in the end.

10. Read something every day for your mental and psychological growth.

worship jpg

For a healthy body, you need a healthy mind. If you keep your mind on healthy articles, books, and the bible, you will grow physical health.

Your physical statures have a close sympathy with your mental and emotional stamina.

11. Say no to TV, phone, and system’s screen, at least 1 hour before you get asleep.

One of the significant causes of lack of quality sleep and acute insomnia is the late-night screens. The blue rays emitted from your screens affect your brain, hindering the production of melatonin hormone making it hard to fall asleep.

Other effects of Screens before bed include:

-Increase chances of nightmares and disrupted sleep. Failure to get enough sleep will reduce your cognitive performance during day time.

-The brain is often kept alert during watching, thus preventing you from the internal lock required to fall asleep.

-Hypnotism, a common disorder that results from watching, will hold you long until to consume your sleeping hours upon the amusement.

12. Maintain a journal and a to-do list for the next day.

It will keep you fit emotionally and save you from becoming directionless for your upcoming tasks.

When you wake up without proper plans you often become confused and always in hurry. If you tend to jot down all your day plans, you will save yourself from stress.

Having a journal will help you live like an organized individual, composed and emotionally stable.

13. Trust in divine power

What is life? Unfortunately, everyone has their definition of this simple question. The reason being everyone wants life to mean what they like or desire. But, the true meaning of life is sharing a part of God, for He is life.

That may have gone over your head. It means to have fellowship with His Son Jesus so that through him, he dictates the principles and practices that you live out daily.

Moreover, if you have Jesus, you have lived in this world and the world to come.

14. Put in some determination

Many information out there will tell you of effortless and easier ways of getting achievements that will readily lure you. But, think about it. Have you ever seen good things come quickly? Do you pick up gold on the surface of the earth? Or do miners have to dig deep shafts into the heart of the earth to acquire mineral ore?

It’s the same; you have to beat back the tide of tastes and inclinations to attain a better state of health.

If you can get it easily, then trust me, it won’t stand the test of time and genuineness. 

15. Make good friends

It seems worthless on matters of health, right? But if you have good company around you, they will always keep you happy and cheerful. Remember, A merry heart worketh good like a medicine.

It’s rare for you to develop depression when you have friends around.

Take away

A healthy lifestyle is always a journey. You have to be ready to learn and unlearn a lot. The only hindrance to healthful living is placing what you think is right ahead of advice.

Try out the 15 life improving practices, and you will see a significant change in your health.

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