How do you treat allergies without medicine?

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Allergy is the response reaction of the body’s immune system to foreign substances. You may opt for medicines but here are well-researched ways on how to treat allergies naturally at home.(1,2)

Allergy triggers (allergens) range from pollen, dust mites, and pet dander to mold spores, food, insect stings, and a lot more. Sometimes, allergy runs in a family through genetics.(3,4,5)

There are many prescribed medicines for allergies. Unfortunately, none of them guarantees a quick and permanent relief. You may try several prescriptions before finally getting better. 

What people always ignore is the healing power of natural remedies. They are not only cheaper but also provide better results than prescriptions.

Allergy reactions are curable through the use of natural remedies, lifestyle, hygiene enhancement, and your drinking and eating.

Try these 23 amazing natural remedies for quick, instant, and permanent relief from your allergies.

Detoxing the body

Toxins aggravate allergic reactions. The liver works overtime, ensuring the blood is clean, and the body is better placed to fight infections. When the liver cannot perform its function as required, the effects of allergens on the body become worse.

Taking in substances like alcohol and excess sugar complicates the work of the liver. This makes the purity of blood compromised.

One should always ensure they eliminate or reduce toxins in the body to minimum levels.

The several ways of detoxing the body include eliminating fried food, alcohol, sugar, and other toxins from your diet.

Instead, you can replace them with other foods good to the liver, like citrus fruits, turmeric, artichoke, and nuts.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care helps in relieving stress in the nervous system. A stress-free nervous system helps boost the immune system threefold. This efficient immune system is necessary for fighting allergies required by allergic people.

According to Brody (2012), this practice can help elevate the symptoms of allergies as headache, sneezing, and swelling of parts of the body.

This practice involves the manipulation of body joints to bring great pain relief.

If you’re allergic, then booking an appointment with a chiropractor isn’t a bad idea.

Shutting out breezes

For persons allergic to pollen or dust, this is just the perfect home remedy. Pollen and other dust particles are so tiny you can only guess they’re around. For this reason, it is important to keep your windows and doors shut when some wind is blowing.

It prevents you from coming into contact with some allergens. As a result, it prevents your condition from getting worse. It may also prevent you from developing the reaction, especially if you are timely enough.

Ensure thorough cleanliness

Whenever you get back home, you carry a lot of tiny particles with you. Your clothes, hands, hair, and shoes may carry an allergen. These allergens may manifest if left longer.

It is important to change your clothes and take a shower as soon as you arrive home. This ensures that you wash off allergens that your clothes carry.

Bathing and washing clothes can reduce symptoms of allergies like itchiness. It also ensures that you don’t contact the allergens you had not touched.


honey, yellow, beekeeper-1958464.jpg
Pure organic honey for Allergy

No scientific study confirms this claim; however, there is considerable anecdotal evidence to support it; honey can help a great deal with allergies.

It transfers information to the body that helps it build immunity against certain allergens like pollen and bee sting.

If your allergy is respiratory-related, try taking some natural honey.


Allergic reactions result from an imbalanced immune system. This imbalance is the reason the body reacts too strongly to allergens than other substances. Therefore, to counteract allergies, one may need to rebalance the immune system. That is where probiotics come in!

Probiotics enhance the production of immune boosters. These boosters improve immune balance and inhibit the growth of pathogens.

Jagota further adds that probiotics enhance the growth of many beneficial bacteria in the gut. These bacteria are vital in reducing the likelihood of allergic reactions.

Some probiotics you can use at home include bananas, custard apples, grapefruit, and apples.


The Chinese discovered this. Because of its overwhelming results, its fame spread across the globe. It is effective. Apart from allergies, it may also help with chronic pain.

It involves placing your three middle fingers at the wrist just below the palm. Gently rub with the thumb circularly. Repeat the process with the other hand.

Also, science heavily backed this natural remedy up. A study by Smruti (2021) confirmed that this remedy helped improve the allergen tolerance by 48 percent.

If you direly need overcoming your allergies, acupuncture is the best recommendation for you.

Also, this is very cheap and easy to do. Acupuncture also perfectly blends with the other natural remedies, improving results. So why not try this out as many times as you can each day?

People with allergies should follow the simple general exercise formula- at least two hours of aerobic exercise and one and a half hours of vigorous-intensity physical exercise each week. The activities may range from cycling, running, and walking to swimming and more.

As your endurance grows, you can increase the intensity and exercise time.

What helps relieve allergies fast?

Nasal spray

This is a saline water rinse for the nasal passage. When germs and allogeneic enters your nose, the body produces mucus to help flush them out causing allergic reaction. Through this rinsing with salt water, the nasal passage will be clear. You will have a fast relief from the congestion.


Steam is important in relieving symptoms of allergy like a stuffy nose.

It is simple: tie a wet towel around your head—Facedown to a container of steaming water. The vapor gets to your nose, causing instant relief from a stuffy nose.

This natural remedy works by dissolving mucus in the nose, relieving you of the stuffy feeling.

Steaming also brings a calming feeling to the brain, hence enhancing its activity.

Smelling essential oils

When experiencing respiratory allergies, smelling essential oils is a great way to open up your nasal cavity.

All essential oils are effective, but methanol-based oils work wonders.

So if you’re prone to respiratory allergies, make sure you armed yourself with a bottle of either pure peppermint, eucalyptus oil, or spearmint. Smell them occasionally throughout the day.

Alternatively, you may add a little of the oils to your bath, rub a few drops on the wrist, get a diffuser to fill your room with the smell, or even add a little to your tea.

It’s about getting the smell and breathing easy.


Fomentation can be hot or hot and cold. It helps relieve congestion in the nasal passage caused by susceptibility. It’s the fastest method to relieve your sensitivity reactions. All you need is hot water, two face towels and the procedure.  

What to drink for allergies


Girl drinking water as one effective drinks for allergy.

Drinking water could be the best advice for an allergic person. It increases an extra fluid in the body, which helps dissolve mucus, easing stuffy nose. More water in the body improves general body function.

Water also helps dilute some allergens, hence reducing the severity of allergic reactions. It helps wash away many unwanted substances from the body and the bloodstream. By doing this, water helps increase immunity function.

Research by Smruti (2021) shows that taking water helps relieve many symptoms of allergic reactions.

This is the best home remedy for allergic reactions that have already begun.

When you notice any allergic reaction, take a cup of water and experience relief. To prevent allergies, ensure you take eight glasses of water per day.

Apple cider vinegar

Among the exceptional qualities of apple cider vinegar, it boosts the immune system, supports lymphatic drainage, and helps in mucus breaking. For this reason, it is a good natural remedy for many allergic reactions.

If you are allergic, consider taking about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar twice a day. For better results, mix with lemon juice in a glass of water and drink.

Making this a habit can see your tolerance to the allergens increase a great deal. Even before attaining eventual recovery, you will feel great relief from the symptoms.

Papaya and pineapple juice

Inside papaya and pineapple, there’s an essential enzyme; bromelain. It is effective in healing swollen parts of the body and improving breathing.

These properties enable it to get into the body and provide relief from several allergic reactions.

Bromelain also helps improve healing on parts of the body that are not normal.

If you have any allergies, get yourself a pineapple or papaya.

Natural herbs for allergy

Stinging nettle

As it stings on the skin, so does it on allergies. The stinging nettle has antihistamine properties necessary to treat allergies.

It gets into the body and helps boost immunity against allergic reactions. You can boil the leaves and drink. Or crush into a paste and apply it on swollen parts of the body.


Spirulina is a blue-green alga. They usually grow it in enclosed greenhouses. You can find it in many stores worldwide.

It has strong anti-allergic properties useful in counteracting its reactions. Try spirulina for relief.


japanese butterbur, spring, wild plants-2492103.jpg

Butterbur is a shrub-like herb mainly found in Asia, Europe, and North America. It is known for its medicinal value. Apart from allergies, it also helps cure stomach cramps, headaches, coughs, and asthma.

According to Sander, the extracts of the roots and the leaf of butterbur can help relieve many symptoms of allergies.

You’ll find everywhere commercial extracts of butterbur as pills, capsules, or tablets. However, Brody (2012) confirmed in his research that using it in its natural state yields better results.

If you can get some leaves of butterbur, boil for about 10 minutes. Allow it cool to room temperature. Drink a quarter of glass each week.

You can add a teaspoon of natural honey to a better taste.

‘Continuous use of butterbur can improve your allergens tolerance for up to 30 percent in a month,’ says Mahomoodally and Muthoorah (2014).

Be warned against excessive consumption of this, for it can escalate the allergic reaction.

Natural remedies for seasonal allergies

Quercetin containing foods

There are only a few herbs known to help with many allergies. The best of them all is quercetin. It is an antioxidant flavonoid that helps relieve symptoms like headaches and seasonal allergic symptoms.

You can get it in broccoli, cauliflower, and citrus fruit.

Quercetin is a property that stabilizes the release of antihistamines in the body.

An allergic person needs a stable antihistamine in the body. That makes quercetin a perfect natural remedy for allergies.

Have you got some allergies? Look for quercetin-rich plants.

Cleansing the nasal passage

One of the most common allergy stimulants is pollens. Although the mucus in the nose is vital in cleaning the air you breathe, it may trap pollen, causing allergies.

Regular cleaning of the nose helps remove any trapped pollen or substance, triggering an allergy. This cleaning reduces the symptoms of allergies.

One of the most effective ways of cleaning the nasal tract is using the net pot formula. It involves the use of a little teapot. Add a saline solution into it and pour through one nostril. Let it run out through the other.

Its effectiveness in cleaning the nasal cavity is amazing.

This method leaves the nose feeling freer and less congested. It also removes any allergen stuck on the mucus lining in the nose. It elevates symptoms like sneezing and watery eyes.

Be warned, however, that the wrong use of this remedy may worsen the condition. But if you are careful enough, this could be the perfect home remedy for your respiratory-related allergies.

How to cure allergies for ever

Healthy Diet

A 2003 study found that diet-related allergy affects 1-2% and 5-7.5% adults and children respectively. Another 2019 research shows that there are no cure for food related allergy and this calls for proper dieting.

In a study by Brody (2012), children who eat a lot of nuts, fruits, and vegetables are less likely to develop an allergic reaction.

Although the relationship between healthy eating and allergies is not very clear, no one can doubt the importance of a healthy diet to the body.

Healthy foods boost the body’s immunity. This immunity is necessary for fighting and offsetting the side effects of allergic reactions.

Next time you feel any allergic reaction, increase the fruits and vegetables in your diet.

Better yet, why wait till you experience the allergy? Why not start now and stop it from coming?

Cleaning your home

Even if you stayed indoors to escape from allergens, there’s still a chance other like pollen and dust may catch up with you. So there comes the call; clean, clean, clean, and clean. Always make sure your home is clean.

This prevents you from getting into contact with pollen, dust, and even insects.

A clean home is allergen-free and can elevate one from the symptoms of allergies.

Even if you’re just allergic to some plants, air may carry their pollen or particles to your backyard. Even animal hair may still come to your compound without you going where they are.

Cleaning is the best starter home remedy for persons with allergic reactions whose cause they do not know.

Allergic people should do extra cleaning of their homes. Dust, vacuum, and wash everything. You’ll be grateful you did.


Exercise is a cross-board natural remedy

Regular exercise and physical activity can help reduce the severity of allergic reactions.

Although there is limited establishment of how it works, the reasons could be self-explanatory.

A properly exercised body has a boosted immunity which can counteract allergic reactions better. Exercise also has many other health benefits.

Cook (2017) conducted a study to probe the effects of exercise in adults with respiratory allergies. He found out that people who took part in winter exercise had reduced symptoms of their allergic reactions. They observed these improvements even sixty days after the exercise.

Hormonal balance

Most people with hormonal imbalance are susceptible to a lot of allergic reactions. With right balances in your system, you can overcome a lot of hypersensitivity. Imbalances in certain hormones in your system like histamine, thyroid and cortisol hormones often results in allergic symptoms.

Take away from Gilead on Allergy

Allergies are a common health condition. Nearly everyone is allergic to something; it’s normal. The only bad news is that it may get worse if you sit and do nothing about it.

Every allergic reaction weakens the immune system. The more allergic reaction you get, the worse it is to your overall health. That’s why you need to deal with it as soon as it comes.

Despite the many medications, natural remedies against allergies are still outstanding. Why spend a lot looking for a solution you can get without paying a dime?

These natural remedies for allergies will bring short-term relief, and a permanent immune build-up to tolerate the allergens.

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