How to Live Longer: 49 ways to increase longevity

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Who doesn’t desire long life? who is not interested in knowing how to live longer? Honestly, you’re not the one. However, it is one thing to dream and another to actualize it.

The desire to live longer isn’t enough; there is a part you have to play. Want to live longer? Get rolling.

Be not over much wicked, neither be thou foolish: why shouldest thou die before thy time? (Eccl 7:17).

From the verse, it’s clear that most people die prematurely. The two significant causes of pre-mature death are wickedness and foolishness.

You may be upright morally but ignorant on tips that can help you attain healthful living.

Mark this.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. (Hosea: 4:6).

Failure to get a knowledge of how best you can care for the body machinery leads to destruction.

Here are some easy steps that can help you increase both longevity and the quality of your life.

How to live longer without a disease

What is the profit to live longer while bedridden? Long life is desirable alongside quality life. It would be best if you had a disease-free life to enjoy longevity.

Here are ways in which you can have a disease-free longer life.

1. Get a regular medical checkup.

blood pressure monitor-for-longer life-image.jpg

Today many diseases have long development processes before the symptoms appear. Most chronic infections, like cancer, have this tendency.

Getting regular checkups will help you keep a record of the condition of your body. Monitoring an underlying health condition will help you deal with it earlier enough when it’s easier to manage. But there is more.

Regular checkups have the following benefits:

  • It increases the ability to treat or cure the disease
  • You reduce the risk of getting sick
  • It limits the risk of disease complications due to close monitoring
  • You will know of various health issues at the early stages
  • You realize the threatening condition and therefore able to make early adjustments

2. Focus on proper nutrition

groceries, fruit, vegan-1343141.jpg
Live longer by proper nutrition

Proper nutrition increases your longevity. Eat a healthy diet, preferably plant-based. “A man is what he eats,” Dr. Kellogg MD.

There is no food component that you can’t get in plant materials. You’re aware of the causes of chronic infections in the world today. One of them is meat-eating.

Free use of fatty and fast foods has increased rates of chronic diseases. The best diet should include nuts, fruits, cereals, and vegetables. These food components supply all the nutritional requirements and help increase body alkalinity.

Plant-based diets are rich in minerals and phytochemicals that help in boosting your immunity.

Eat healthy diets and stay away from excessive spicy and junk foods.

Make sure every day you receive a sufficient amount of all food components. A healthy, nutritious diet will increase cell vigor and growth hence will reduce aging.

Avoid all spicy foods, for they are highly acidic and will hasten cell death. Junks have empty calories that will increase your chances of contracting chronic infections.

Sugars and artificial sweeteners used in junks and spices affect your immunity. Their high seasonings also dehydrate your body, causing rapid cell deaths and reducing your skin tone.

3. Do frequent protocol treatment

Take remedies on specific days of the week regularly. Disease-causing microbes are ever within your environment. Your only safety is to keep guard always for any attack.

Take activated charcoal drink thrice a week. Charcoal is a suitable absorber and detoxifier. Do this treatment for 21 days and greatly a year even if you aren’t sick.

It would be best if you do protocol treatment occasionally. See the protocol treatment procedure here. Forever strong immunity, use these remedies here. Besides these, use herbal tea any day as you feel convenient.

4. Keep a clean environment

Most disease-causing pathogens live in our environment. Bacteria and germs can never thrive in a clean environment.

It is therefore clear that we can never contract a disease in a tidy environment. According to research, clean water, pure air, and sanitation can enhance the quality of life.

Environmental hazards cause diseases and illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, and more.

5. Maintain personal hygiene

After keeping your environment clean, proceed to your hygiene. Bathe regularly to wash away dead skin and dirt. Maintain constant circulation of clothes.

Wash your clothes thoroughly and iron them. Poor oral health may have many effects. It can lead to poor nutrition, pain, and possibly a higher risk of heart disease and stroke.

6. Make sure you get enough vitamin D and calcium.

Sunlight-and- longevity-jpg

Vitamin D helps in regulating calcium and phosphates in the bones. Lack of vitamin D will make your bones weak and porous. Deficiency in this vitamin may lead to osteoporosis.

But there is good news. 

 The body synthesis vitamin D when you expose your skin to the sun. Calcium helps in the strength of the bones and teeth. Milk is never a superb source of calcium, as alleged.

Milk requires calcium from the body to assist in its coagulation. The best source of dietary calcium, is green leafy vegetables and whole-grain flour.

7. Guard well the avenues to your soul

Allow nothing that will suggest an impure thought cross your sight to enter your ears. Most of the things that trouble your health are external.

A lot of depressive factors result from watching animations and movies. They make people love unreal things and feel unsatisfied with life’s realities. It’s recorded that movies make teenagers feel suicidal.

The addictive nature of film and TV programs will make your life passive, and you will boycott your workout programs.

8. Don’t take your medicine with cold water

When taking medicinal substances, use warm water. Low temperatures inactivate enzymes and also affect the rate of digestion.

In natural remedies, plant materials used must be digested in the body. Therefore, temperature is a factor when taking your medications.

9. Don’t eat enormous meals after 5 pm

The best time to take meals should be 3 hours before bedtime. Late-night meals are the causes of the surging cases of obesity today.

Most of the energy you get from evening meals are not utilized and form fat deposits. Continual accumulation of these fats in the body affects your health and longevity.

For quality sleep, you shouldn’t sleep during the digestion process. Moreover, you only need Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) energy during your sleep. Most times, a lot of fluids late in the evening may lead to bedwetting.

10. Drink more water in the morning hours

 Drinking -water-a-constituent -for-living longer-.jpg
Water is a constituent of living longer

Never should you allow your body to be dehydrated. A high percentage of your body is water. Your blood and lymphatic fluid is 75% + water.

Water helps in supporting your immune system and for skin tone. Sufficient water in the body will help you ease bowel movement and reduce the risk of constipation.

11. The best sleeping time is 10 pm to 4 am

Research shows that sleeping 2 hours before midnight refreshes the body four hours after. When you get to bed earlier, you will wake up earlier and much vitalized.

Adequate sleep will increase your quality of life and the strength of your immune system.

12. Don’t lie down after a big meal

Every time you eat, you feel sleepy. In most cases, you take eggs or milk, which require energy from the body to digest.

If you sleep after your meal, the digestion process stops. Immediately, all the food in your stomach ferments. After a meal, take a walk. It will hasten the digestion process.

13. Answer calls from your left ear

According to medical experts, receiving calls from the right ear makes the brain susceptible to mobile radiations.

Phone radiations affect the blood-brain barrier, which hinders harmful substances from the bloodstream to the brain.

14. Avoid all genetically engineered foods.

Today almost everything in the groceries store is genetically modified. Therefore, avoid them to the best of your ability.

There are around 9 genetically engineered foods you can find in supermarkets, such as soy, granola oil, alfalfa, Hawaiian Squash, Crookneck squash, sugar from sugar beets, and corns.

Try to keep away from these foods. If you can get organic foods, use them.

15. Consume healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, and nuts.

Description of alkalizing foods in one combination

All that we need is oils. Many fats in the body will increase cholesterol deposits in tissues and blood vessels, leading to chronic diseases and heart attack.

The increasing rates of obesity are because of unsaturated fats from animal products. The best fats and oils are those which come from plants. Generally, the best diet for longevity is plant-based.

A survey done in Loma Linda SDA church showed that the average members’ age was 88 years. Questions arose, and it was found that they are strict vegetarians.

16. Eat largely raw food.

smoothies, juice, vegetable juice-best-for-lliving-longer-4608349.jpg
Raw fruits and juices are the secret for longer life

Cooked food is sweet in the mouth but bitter in the belly. The healthiest man to ever live on earth was Adam. And all his food was raw.

Cooking reduces the quality and quantity of food components. For instance, green leafy vegetables hav water-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K. These vitamins are lost in evaporation during cooking.

High temperatures denature many proteins; thus, there is a reduced concentration of nutritional components in cooked food.

17. Get the morning sunlight for 30 minutes to 1 hour daily.

Sunlight helps in instigating the synthesis of Vitamin D in the body. It also kills bacteria on the skin. Sunlight also helps regulate the circadian rhythm, controlling the levels of melatonin in the body.

Other importance of the sun include:-

  • It lowers blood pressure
  • Reduce the risk of some cancers
  • It improves the quality of sleep and reduces insomnia.
  • It strengthens bones, hence reducing the development of osteoporosis in aging.

18. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.

Sufficient sleep for longevity

Adequate sleep is essential to increasing longevity. Research shows that people who have lived past 85 years have specific sleep patterns. They go to bed at fixed times, and wake at a set time.

They also keep more time in sleep, on average, 7- 8 hours every single night.

19. Manage stress effectively

Stress is a disease-causing disorder in humans. It weakens the immune system and affects eating patterns which deteriorate your body machinery.

According to studies, prolonged stress leads to depression. According to WHO, 300 million people have depression.

The high rates of depression are because of failure to resolve past stressors on time. Find effective ways of controlling stress, and you will increase your longevity.

20. Avoid PhRMA drugs


I will repeat this till my last breath. Drugs don’t cure diseases. It’s your body’s immunity with the aid o nature to restore health.

Drugs are chemicals that will take away the effects of your condition but leave the cause. Most conventional medicines have very detrimental side effects.

21. Avoid alcohol consumption

A study shows that those who consume 25 bottles of alcohol a week reduce their lifespan by 4-5 years.

Alcohol is known for liver cirrhosis. It causes depression and insomnia. Besides these, alcohol cause diabetes.

Check this out.

Who hath wounds without cause? They that tarry long at the wine; they go to seek mixed wine. (Proverbs 23: 29&30).

Other effects of alcohol include:

  • Increase chances of fatal accidents
  • Contraction of cardiovascular problems
  • Pancreatitis disease
  • Cause some cancers
  • Some sort of suicidal feelings
  • It weakens the immune system
  • Increases the rate of aging, lowering your longevity

How to live longer as a woman

Because of different physiological characteristics, longevity also varies between men and women. Women undergo many physiological body changes than men.

It remains a mystery that women live longer than men naturally. In the USA, the average life expectancy of women is 81.2 years while that of men is 76.6yrs.

However, this is not an arbitrary rule that all women will attain  that age. A lot of factors affect the ability to living longer as a woman.

Here are some ways to live longer as a woman:

Believe in God

A woman-studying-her-bible-4118058.jpg
Having faith will make you live longer

Individuals who have faith in God live longer than the rest of the folks. It’s not exceptional with the case of every believing woman.

Have strong faith in God. Here is the ultimate key to longevity. Through the centuries in history, believers have lived for many years.

It’s a promise by God to all who believe and obey Him. My son, forget not my law; but let thine heart keep my commandments: For length of days, and long life, and peace, shall they add to thee (Proverbs 3:1&2).

In another instance, He says, with long life will I satisfy him, and shew him my salvation (Psalms 91:16).

Stay sexual

Sex is God’s gift to married couples. It’s for bonding and procreation. Any other use of it outside the marriage bed is a sin and a downward path to death.

Sex helps women in lowering blood pressure and possibly reduce the risk of developing heart disease. According to research, women with good sex life have a better immune system.

They have a low risk of stress and developing depression. Women with good sexual life live longer than their counterparts who lack good sexual life.

Keep active social life

You can’t live like an island. You need others around you to be complete. Women have high emotional attachments than men. The condition of their environment highly affected their mood, feelings, and behavior.

Build a robust social network. Happy couples live longer than single and unhappy couples. Having strong social bonds will help improve the quality of your health.

Having a spouse or friends with whom you can share the burdens of life is one factor that increases longevity.

You can never get depression if you have a social network. Sharing is caring. Studies show risks of anxiety, stress, and depression increase with loneliness.

Maintain a healthy body weight


Obesity is both a sign of problems and an instigator of some. Abnormal weight because of high-fat content in the body leads to chronic diseases.

You can manage your weight by adopting a proper diet. Daily exercise and drinking sufficient water will help you maintain a healthy weight.

You can maintain the correct weight by planning your meals. Avoid late supper and snacking between meals.

Avoid caffeine consumption

Swap sweetened drinks with pure water. Do away with coffee and tea, which has caffeine component in them.

Caffeine in coffee and tea has harmful effects on your health. It causes insomnia, migraine, irregular heartbeat, and high blood pressure.

This component is also addictive and will condition your body to develop anxiety and restlessness. Tea also has some trace amounts of nicotine, which affects well-being.

Maybe you aren’t aware that sweetened drinks have zero nutritional value. They add nothing essential to your system. The sugars used in them are not natural as well. Carbonated drinks are the leading cause of diabetes and high blood pressure.

The fluid that you should introduce in your body is water. With multiple benefits, water should replace all the drinks in your diet if you live longer.

Watch your hormonal balance

Your body mechanism changes with your age. In women, a lot of physiological changes occur during and after menopause.

These changes result in hormonal imbalance and can affect both the quality of life and longevity. Hormonal imbalance causes a lot of diseases in women. Studies affirm that imbalances in body hormones can cause ovarian cancer.

It also weakens the immune system and causes chronic fatigue.

Manage your birth spacing

Women who give birth rapidly lose their vigor and strength—risk factors increase when they are too young or old.

Pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes are some conditions that are related to childbirth. Well-spaced births with good breastfeeding will reduce the mother’s risk of contracting breast cancer?

Late and pre-mature births also are risk factors for breast cancer. It’s therefore crucial for you to plan your births effectively for longer life.

How to live longer as a man

As a man, multiple practices affect the length of life. Your action based on these lifestyle-related habits will either make you live longer or not. Here are some practices that can help you live longer as a man.

Don’t smoke

Smocking reduce your lifespan by hours

Smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the USA. Typical smokers lose 25 years of their life span. And every pack of a cigarette takes away 28 minutes of your life expectancy.

Think about this.

A cow will eat grass but won’t smoke it. It’s out of nature for a normal man to consume smoke.

Why do I speak so? I desire to make you see the nothingness of smoking. Apart from the adverse effects of tobacco on your health, it’s a waste of resources.

You get ZERO nutritional value from smoking. All you get from it is a foul mouth, dirty teeth, and lung cancer in waiting.

Be physically active

We are all aware that exercise can help you reduce weight, chances of heart disease, and cancer. But many studies have shown that exercise can help you live longer.

Have you realized most athletes die at old age? Studies show that physical exercise of 150+ minutes every week increases life expectancy by 7 years.

Birmingham University research on the DNA of 6000 individuals showed that telomere, which shortens with age, was longer in active individuals. They included that active individuals have 9 years longer than the inactive.

Another research showed that old folks who are active have the same heart and lung capacity of muscle strength as those 30 years younger.

Remember, you don’t have to be an athlete to increase your longevity. You can have 30-1 hour slight work out every morning, and you will live longer.

The good news about physical activity is that, you can start it at any age. There is no specific time to begin, even if you have been living a sedentary lifestyle.

 Importance of exercise that helps you live longer:

  • It improves mood. Therefore, you can never have stress and develop depression.
  • Improves memory and cognitive function
  • Exercise is anti-inflammatory. It reduces inflammation of muscles which are associated with aging.

Challenge your mind.

Wellness is holistic. You must be healthy spiritually, physically, financially, emotionally, and mentally. Use and disuse is a fixed law of nature. As you challenge your mind, it grows.

It’s rare to get stressed when you’re engaged mentally. Gaining information will increase your ability to improve your health. The active mind actuates an active body. Deep thought and meditation improves the functionality of the brain and reduces brain cell death.

8 ways to live longer with a better life

It’s one thing to live longer and another to enjoy those years. Living longer with suffering makes no sense. Would you want to have a better life besides longevity?

Here you go.

Follow these practices to have a quality life along with longevity:

Focus on your happiness

A merry heart worketh good like a medicine, but sorrow of spirit drieth the bones (proverbs 17:22). Scientific studies show that happiness can increase your mood, reduce stress and boost your immunity. In another study, they found happy individuals are less prone to mental disorders.

Have self-control

All problems that exist in our world today are because of intemperance. From the time of Adam, lack of self-control has caused misery, pain, sickness, and death.

In diet, many are eating their way to the grave. By taking junk and highly seasoned foods, men live in various chronic conditions. Lifestyle diseases due to overdoing things send men to the hospital most times of their lives.

Eat a plant-based diet

There is no documented disease from eating plant materials. Anyone who understands the ecosystem’s energy pyramid will know that eating plants is better than animals.

Today, animals products everywhere spread diseases to man. The very meats that you buy from the market have worms and parasites.

Make your food your medicine. Vegetables are alkalizing foods that will reduce the acidity of your body, hence the quality of life.

Stay physically active

Inactivity is an indicator or cause of a problem. Moderate activities like brisk walking increase longevity. According to experts, spending 2 hours in physical exercise increases your lifespan by 7 years.

Staying physically active boosts your immunity and helps in mood moderation. Findings show that active life has reduced all-cause mortality by 30% -35% than inactive ones.

Table 1

Effects of regular physical activity on significant risk factors for chronic diseases and longevity

Risk factor Effect of regular physical activity on the risk factor in healthy subjects
Colon cancer Incidence −30% to −40%
Breast cancer Incidence −20% to −50%
Type 2 diabetes mellitus   Incidence −28% to −59%
Dyslipidemia HDL cholesterol +11%
Arterial hypertension Systolic and diastolic blood pressure −3.84/−2.58 mmHg
Obesity Increased chance to maintain body weight
Stroke Incidence −27% to −40%
physical activities and chronic infections

spice your food with turmeric

Over the years, turmeric has been a superfood for increasing longevity. Research shows that its healing properties and phytochemical, has several health benefits.

Laboratory-based studies show that curcumin in turmeric can kill cancer cells and inhibit their growth. Several pieces of research show that individuals with inflammation become better when they eat turmeric. Sometimes, using turmeric-containing capsules prolongs aging.

Take a light stroll after meals

A study suggests that light strolls after meal manages an individual’s blood sugar and glucose levels. It also reduces bloating and the incidence of acid reflux. Moderate short walks after eating will improve your quality of sleep and boost your general health.

Get early to bed

Two hours before midnight will refresh your body than 4 hours after. You need quality sleep to have a strong immunity. The better your sleep, the better your life. Those who sleep for at least 7 hours every night have a better, longer life.

Medical research shows that those who sleep for 5 hours or fewer have a 65% higher death rate than individuals sleeping for 7hours. Analyzed data from various studies suggested that sleeping for less than 5 hours increases the risk of mortality by 15%.

Have fixed daily schedules

Idleness causes faster aging and diseases in older folks. Use and disuse is a fixed natural law. If you reduce the use of your limbs, they will grow weak. Many are suffering because of a lack of activity. To have a better life, you must use all your body machinery to help them remain strong and vibrant.

Medically proven tips on how to live longer and stronger

Strength is also vital in longevity. Quality of life involves both better and more vigorous life. Weaknesses both in immunity or physically affect your ability to live longer. Do you long for a more robust, long, healthy life? Here are practical steps to achieve your dream.

Do some cardio.

Cardiovascular workouts help make your heart pump faster than any other exercise. It helps reduce the risk of heart disease, which is the number one killer in developed countries.

Researchers found that those who do cardio fitness live longer than their counterparts. Cardio exercises help in the strength of muscles and bones.

Have you seen strong, grey-headed folks? They don’t sit before TV all day long. They add to their schedule series of cardio fitness to maintain muscle memory and strength. Cardio also slows aging. It does this by lowering the rate of aging muscles dwindle.

Sweating during cardio sessions helps remove toxins from the body. Increases thermosmoregulation and skin tone.

Regular exercise

You need more than just cardio activities. You must keep your whole body with regular exercise. The whole body engaged in vigorous daily workouts will be vibrant. Your quality of sleep will increase. And you will have strength for other duties in life.

Hit the gym at least 3 times a week

Wondering why I add this after regular and cardio exercises?

Here is the thing.

When you use weights, you train your muscles to bear more than your body weight. Furthermore, weights enhance faster muscle growth. In the gym, also are other trainees like you. You will get motivation from others, and the moments will be enjoyable.

Train your weak points

Here, you need self-evaluation. You may be strong physically because of the points above, but mentally dwarf.

Are you weak emotionally? That everything that goes against your plan makes you annoyed and stressed? Then you need to train your mind to control your emotions. The better you control your emotions, the lower the risk of developing depression.

Experts view on how to live longer with a disease condition

What if you have a chronic infection? You think you are doomed, right? You still have a high chance of living longer with your condition. It’s easier to live long without a disease than when you have one. However, that doesn’t cut you short.

Through your will, you add to your life some more years that you didn’t expect. Here are ways to live longer with your sickness.

Do not skip your medications

If you have chronic diseases and are under medication, make sure you are disciplined to take your remedies.

Through the use of remedies, you can reduce pain, boost your immunity and heal your fevers. Skipping medications for whatever reason is to worsen your condition. Remedies are there to help your body fight pathogens and reduce their ability to cause death.

Treatments are procedural, and failure at one point affects the entire protocol.

Adjust your lifestyle

Most of the diseases that you suffer from are because of your lifestyle. You can increase your longevity by changing your diet, behavior, and daily practices.

If you are a smoker, then quit. Leave every health-destroying habit that affects your health and immune system. Animal diets cause a lot of diseases currently. If you have been using them, consider switching. You may opt for a plant-based diet.

A lot of vegetables will help you boost your body’s immunity. A lot of flesh and junk foods are prone to make your body acidic. When your body acidity is high, you’re both susceptible to infections and impossible to heal. Eat foods foods that will help you increase your body’s alkalinity.

Join a support group

There is always strength in numbers. If you are alone, it’s easier to fall into despair and give up. By joining others who have the same condition, you get confidence.

Sharing is caring. Other sufferers will also help you with comfort and experience that will soothe your aching soul. Through them, you will often forget your problems, and your healing journey will be smooth.

Reduce stress

Stress is another cause of diseases. It weakens the immune system and reduces your lifespan. There are a lot of ways through which you can control stress. Make sure it doesn’t develop into depression before you kick it out.

Track your illness through regular checkups

Monitoring your condition will help you in tracking your progress. The progress report will further show you what to do and what to give up. A medical checkup is vital to help you make wrong things right on matters of your health.

Take Away

Observe these factors, and you will live longer, stronger, and healthier. The long-life that you need is now at your disposal. Take action and see the results. Good luck in your pursuit of a longer life.

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